30 April 2006

My.... what a big bag you have!!!

The one on the left .... Ha!! It's HUGE!!

Twice as big as mine! I guess Tom's taking more make-up than I am! LOL!
Actually its a golf travel bag that Tom bought today so he can take his clubs with us... except it fits everything else in too. The thing is massive... could well be a body bag! We should've bought it earlier and packed me in it to save on airfares!

Well... it looks like we're all set. Bags are packed and we're ready to go... ... like now!!

Tom reckons this is the most organised he's ever been in his whole life... I'm sure he'll get over it!
Strangely enough there's no nerves... Tom's done this enough times not to feel nervous (although he keeps raising his concerns over how organised we are and that it's just not natural)... and as for me, well we're so organised that I'm not at all concerned...

...just looking forward to it now!! Bring it on!!

29 April 2006

OK went away and looked at the help re posting photos.....stage 2 of the learning process. Enjoy it while you can, give it a year and I'll be pumping shit on here so fast your head will spin....bwahahahaha...

This luffly, luffly picture was from our trip to Great Barrier Island, New Year 2006. That's left to right: Paul and Jane. me,Janene and Uncle Shaun.....eeeek!! Where's Libby??!! Maybe she was taking the photo??? You will get to know Libby in time, be patient.
Ok this is the first post to this first blog on our first ever trip overseas together. Not the nicest reason for a trip, my mum is not well, she hasn't had the best of health for a while and it's catching up with her. "tis what it is" as Skip once said to me, good philosophy that one.
We will still enjoy the travel and catching up with family and friends. It's as much a family reunion as a trip to see mum. For a start we know little sister Allison is having her baby on the 15th May yay!!!! (Some health issues there so she is booked for a ceasarian, nothing too serious I think? What would I know I'm a male.)
It's getting exciting as we get closer to leaving on our first leg, a flight to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and an overnight stop for some shopping and beer, not neccesarily in that order. This is really a test of putting our first post up, hopefully the content will improve as we get better at understanding the programme. Just trying to figure out how to post a photo....hmmmm.