7 September 2006

Neverending Birthdays!!

Do you remember when having a birthday was something REALLY special and not something to shudder about?? When you could pretend it was your birthday everyday?? A couple of weeks ago we were going to visit Libby and the day before we left a parcel arrived....

5 September 2006

Kayak fishing trip

The kayak lads heading off from Awana Beach in light surf, it was a different story coming back!

Well we couldn't have asked for better weather to go to Great Barrier Island for a kayak fishing trip. Stunning blue skies and warm weather considering it is barely the end of Winter.

The fishing wasn't bad with half a dozen or so kahawai caught and 4 snapper. Enough for a feed! Also a weird and wonderful looking thing called a parrot fish, brightly coloured and similar shape to the snapper but according to Nick, a pain in th ass to fillet. Super sharp gill plates and quite a slimy skin making it hard to hold in place.
It was my first time in a sea kayak so as is the custom I fell in a few times to baptise myself. Coming back from a day on the rocks fishing was interesting, we came in at Awana Beach, a popular surf beach!!!!!!

This photo was in the morning, by the time we came back around 5.30pm surf was up and looking more like double what it was in this photo. The others all managed to get back dry, not me.......I will blame inexperience and the fact that I caught the perfect wave without meaning to. Warren and Dave had told me what to do if caught by a big wave, dig the flat side of the paddle in and surf in. It went well for the first 3/4 of the wave, then splashdown. I got dragged under and turned upside down a few times before popping up like a cork, paddle in hand! The paddle is attached to the kayak and fortunately I had tied everything on properly so I didn't lose any gear. Also managed to keep the camera dry!

We had a good feed of fish and everyone was pretty tired by now so we gave the club a miss and went straight back to the bach. Being a novice at the hunter gathering thing, Dave and I became "house bitches" for an hour doing the dishes and digging a hole for the fish guts and frames. (Great for the garden). Warren and Nick filleted the fish and I think Kelly supervised!!

We had a fine banquet of fish a la frying pan in butter along with plenty of slices of bread and butter, washed down with a beverage of choice, either Jim Beam and coke or a cold Heineken or Steiny. Yum yum pigs bum.

An hour or so of talking and having a laugh over the days events and then one by one the heads hit the pillow. There aren't many better ways of spending a day than being out on the water, in the fresh air, chasing fish and being away from everyday shit. It makes for a well earned, deep sleep. Unless of course you are unfortunate enought to be within 50 metres of me if I start snoring. Warren reckoned it was like a 2 stroke chainsaw. Luckily it only lasted an hour. I wouldn't know, I was asleep at the time!

Sunday morning started with a decent view from the deck.

After another feed of fresh fish left from the night before it was decided after committee meeting to not go with the kayaks due to time pressure. The ferry was due to leave at 3pm. Instead we packed all the gear away and went for a tiki tour before making our way towards Tryphena. There was a reef not too far round from the jetty that was accessible on foot, so we grabbed some basic fishing gear and spent a few hours on the rocks. The fishing was slow......ok totally crap but the views were stunning, the weather great, beers cold and company bearable. :)