29 December 2006

Kiwi Christmas!!

A very low key Christmas Day was spent at our house. Mum, Dad and my sister Claire were here for the day. We started off with hot baked ham, eggs, potato bread, soda bread and tomatoes for breakfast. When we lived on the farm Mum would often set the Christmas ham baking overnight and we would wake to the smell of it cooking... hot ham and eggs was a treat and Mum had been craving for it several years now!

After that was the present opening which didn't take long as we had all brought one present and then drew a number to see who would get what.
Contacting other friends and family followed that and some general relaxation ensued.

Dinner was served around 2 (or 3 ... it blurrs a little). Followed by more relaxation and a quick dose of The Princess Bride to round off the day.

So... why weren't we at the beach? Well, we were saving that for Boxing Day when we met my brothers and their families down at Devonport for a family picnic!

That's more like it!!