18 November 2007

Picnic in the park

Last weekend my brother, Brendon, and his family were visiting Auckland so they organised to have a get together with us, my youngest brother, Robert, and his tribe and Mum and Dad. The plan was, weather permitting, to meet in Cornwall Park for a picnic.

Libby was up staying for the weekend so she was looking forward to seeing my neices and nephew.

We were blessed with a gorgeous day so we slapped on the sunscreen and headed off. Cornwall Park is a fabulous place for a picnic! When we arrived we found the others had picked a spot next to a huge old Magnolia tree. What a great setting!

Not only did the grand old tree provide a fantastic setting for photos, it was also a source of fascination for the children... well... the older ones anyway, Georgia wasn't so fussed on it just yet!

We had all taken a plate to share for lunch so we had a nice selection to choose from. The kids also had a lot of fun in the little tent Rob and Stacey had brought with them and playing with the ball... and at one point we had a couple of runaways on our hands... we looked around for Libby and Tiali, who were there a moment before, only to see them racing off across the park... can't blame them really, it was a great day for playing chase!!
It was a lovely lazy, relaxing afternoon and our first real taste of sun in a long time! Well, maybe not the first, but it was certainly the first opportunity we'd had to enjoy it, with the added bonus of good company!!